Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PURGATORY BETA Vr. 2.0 PC now available !!

free to download here!!

New cinematic cut scenes, and mysterious areas make this game
more fun and scarier than ever !!

Sara needs your help!! Join her in Purgatory and help her in her
journey to reach the gates of heaven.

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Thanks for playing :)



Running at 60 fps Purgatory is an "immersive experience," and a most play !!

       New redesign controls to help you navigate the world !!     

Captivating intro cinematic cut scenes in Full 1080p

Sara now goes to hell if killed in game!! Full 1080p Cinematic cut scene!!

 A new and exiting multidimensional gate to to heaven is now open, awaiting in the farthest region of the maze and for those willing to take the risk!!
See you on the other side !!

How to install:

Monday, December 8, 2014


Screen shots

This game has been created under Blender 2.72b
  released at


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Homework 15

Assigned: Fri. Nov. 7, 2014
Due: Fri. Nov. 14, 2014

In homework 12, you were asked to:

"present in the "notes" document, a list of tasks that must be accomplished by the different members of the team in order to take the game to a state that is "playable". Tasks can relate to esthetics, mechanics, story, interface, play testing, python, etc.

For each task, assign one or more people, and a time frame in which the task is expected to be completed. Each person in the team is to state that they have seen the list and approve of it."


Please report for this homework on the result for each task that you took on for your team's project. Assess the degree of completion, whether your timeframes were realistic, what you have accomplished, how your task was incorporated into the game. You will be graded according to the degree with which your task was accomplished, and whether you self-assessed realistically. If you tried to accomplish the task but there were roadblocks that you and your team worked on, that will be viewed in a positive light. Explain any issues you had (if any).

I worked on Art/Aesthetics/ Story/ plus some python.

I believed the degree of competition I achieved in my assignments has been a 100 percent. To begin with the poster was done in time allowing the class to give me feedback for later changes. I then apply the changes updating a new version which I believed is now stronger than before. I created a game Hud/score system with a health bar that is being placed in the new version of the game. 

In addition to that, I completely wrote the game document by placing material that was distilled from previous homework’s and from my team notes document. The game document possess links, images and videos that help and will continue helping my team develop the game.

I don’t feel that I hit any road blocks in the process of accomplishing my duties as I try not assigning the impossible to myself and my teammates. In addition to this and to make sure everything would go as planned, I allocated enough time for me and my teammates to complete the tasks. The only issue I had was from one of my teammates not doing his assignments, but for reasons of discretion I won’t mention his name, however I knew this was going to happen and I end up finishing his assignment myself, carrying my team and moving forward with positive attitude.

Link to new game Doc:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Homework 14: Indirect Control

Assigned: October 31, 2014
Due: November 7, 2014

For this project, please describe the various ways that your game addresses the issue of indirect control. What elements of your game (characters, interface, scenery, art) contribute to the indirect (or direct) control of the player. The book discusses five categories of indirect control. Please address them, and add any other forms of indirect control that may apply to your game.

Story and Game Structures can be Artfully Merged with Indirect Control:
The Feeling of Freedom
Indirect Control Method #1: Constraints, giving an answerer to freedom of choice, would definitely play a big part of our game. For once the choosing between one path to the left or right can lead to a successful and gratifying ending. The second freedom would be in the form of choosing potions that could save the player’s life in any defining moment of risk.
Ultimately players could choose from different combinations!!
Indirect Control Method #2: Goals, design goals is a good reason to have players care about your game. If a player has two doors they can go through, don’t really knowing which one leads to a secret area, they would enter anyway giving them a random chance to find more items and more secrets even if the second door leads to the same place than the first door at the end.

Indirect Control Method #3: Interface, something else to consider about the interface is indirect
control because players want interfaces to be transparent, they don’t really think about the interface, if they can help it. Limiting the players to a single activity due to a simple choice of controls is partly about who a player will relate to, but it is also about implicitly limiting the player’s options. In Purgatory that player would have the standard w,a,s,d which is been proven to give players plenty of choices as well as combining a python script for mouse look to give a convincing look around the avatar.

Indirect Control Method #4: Visual Design, having a controlling effect on were the audience would look in visual design is a very powerful weapon. As an art student, we are thought to design keeping a clear and readable image of the focal point, the most important element in the narrative. This can be achieve by making the focal point brighter in color than the rest of the elements.
Indirect Control Method #5: Characters, using your storytelling ability to make the player actually care about the characters, that is willingly wanting to obey them, protect them, help them, or destroy them is what suddenly can generate an excellent tool to control what the player will and will not try to do.

Indirect Control Method #6: Music, designers think of adding music to a game, they usually think of the
mood they want to create, and the atmosphere of the game. But music can also have a significant effect on what players do. After listening to the feedback given in class on game critique day, my team and I decided to have the avatar heart rate increase as well as the intensity and pace of the music to influence the player’s reaction and fear of the game. This would be an attempt to make the game immersive and scarier.

My contributions to my team game during the past 7-10 days. Has been to design and create the game poster from scratch, writing the game document, communicating with my team via email as well as face to face meetings to delegate duties in order to meet the deadlines.

Homework 13: Game DocumenHomework 13: Game Document

Link to game Doc: